X Factor Theme Song

Wecome to the Planet

Today is your day

It’s time to Play

It’s wired in in Your DNA

Forget the Billboards

Forget the Lies they Sell

I tell you whats true

You meant to be perfectly U


X Factor the makers Design

X Factor Just wait in His time

X Factor You gonna Shine

X factor take it to Xtremes

X factor follow His dreams

X Factor you Know what I mean


They Say you need to change

Go ahead tell them they strange

Who needs another clone

When you a brand of your own

Let them see

You & your testimony


I’ll Like you on Facebook

I May even Comment

What a Beauty


But it’s not about what I Say

God Loves you all the way


About neilshopecorner

I am Alex Neil Munro. My claim to fame is I am married to Coralie Munro. I have 4 boys & a landrover. (Clearly i’m not good at big decisions) My favourite scripture is 1 Corinthians 1:26 – 29 can’t quote it all but says something about God choosing to use the foolish to shame the Wise.
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