Depression Lesson




I have always felt that Hope was the message God had given me to share. I wrote my Hope Poem in 1994 shortly after leaving school when I surrendered to Gods leading me to Study accounting even though I told Him I’d be a great Youth leader.

Some 20 years later I read the same poem & ponder at the path I have walked since.

Surely my boundaries have fallen in pleasant places. But I often ponder those few years. Honours was the worst 3years of my life. Failure, tiredness and depression were emotions I expressed to extremes.

What was it about? Have I learn’t my Lesson? What were they?

I still haven’t a clue but after loosing my Job, hurting my wife, having to return with her to living a  dependent on my Mom & Dad & still not achieving my CA(SA). All I have to offer is the resounding words of those who loved me:

My Grandmother:

One thing I do know, God never changes, He does exist and He does care

My Father:

Sink into your deepest fears and know even when you in your deepest despair underneath you are God’s everlasting Arms

My Wife

I don’t care what I have to do I just want you well again

My Mom:

This I know nothing no nothing can separate you from the Love of God


Neil you are no one’s Big disappointment. You are my project and I never Fail  

When His Love breaks through you know the past is the past the present is in His presence perfect No matter what you put your hands to. The future is full of Hope & Love will see you through whatever curve ball’s this world can throw at you.

And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love.



About neilshopecorner

I am Alex Neil Munro. My claim to fame is I am married to Coralie Munro. I have 4 boys & a landrover. (Clearly i’m not good at big decisions) My favourite scripture is 1 Corinthians 1:26 – 29 can’t quote it all but says something about God choosing to use the foolish to shame the Wise.
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2 Responses to Depression Lesson

  1. ameaid says:

    Brilliant, God keeps reminding me that, He made me for Him. I have a plan and purpose and they are His. He knows what He is about, even when I don’t.

  2. Thanks for sharing Neil, so valuable… Chris

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