Why must Grooms have Best Men?

After all having won the Brides Heart are they not after all the Best MAN

Is it someone to:

HELP them Have Fun

To 0rganise Bachelors party’s (Probably causing the fist marriage fight)

Sing Silly Songs ( I usually do this but failed at Marcus wedding sorry I wasn’t on form, failed the blooming board paper too)

Make the Groom look Good 

I have been a Best man 4 times and still I am not sure of the Job Description?

One of the Pastors said it was a Best Mans responsibility to check in on the Relationship.

How often in what way. How do we Gauge the health of a relationship?

Some Suggestions please ?

When Last did you speak to the Groom you were Best man For?

The worlds a small place now. The information revolution should have made communication cheaper and easier. Yet I must admit I have been a dismal failure to those special People who chose me on their Special Day!

I have to admit I don’t even remember most of the anniversaries of those days.

Pathetic, I know

I Love Weddings, I Love Relationships, I Love People

Yet I invest so little Time Effort Thought and Prayer into them

May have found this years resolution !

I’ll Start with the 4 Grooms who chose me and my Family and Hopefully my friends too

May God Bless you even when I forget to ask Him to


Love YOUR Novice servant Neil







About neilshopecorner

I am Alex Neil Munro. My claim to fame is I am married to Coralie Munro. I have 4 boys & a landrover. (Clearly i’m not good at big decisions) My favourite scripture is 1 Corinthians 1:26 – 29 can’t quote it all but says something about God choosing to use the foolish to shame the Wise.
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