Neil Munro

Bidvest foodservice Awards 2011

Bidvest foodservice Awards 2011


Born Alex Neil Munro (Though called Neil thereafter)in the town of Newcastle KZN in South Africa, I was the second Son to Andy (Andrew John) and Jenni(Jennifer Anna) Munro. My older Brother Eric Andrew Munro was a huge influence in my life especially musically ensuring my exposure to all and I mean all genres of Music. My little sister arrived in 81 Jenny Alma Munro the rose among the thorns. We were all hoping for a girl and so proud though I had to try teach her cricket and tennis cause well my older brother was not to interested in sport except squash.

Sport was a huge factor in my life. I tried everyone I possibly could with cricket Squash and Tennis being my favourites. I come from a very musical family. Dad plays Sax and Piano, Mom is the most qualified with grade 8 I think in Piano. Eric plays the Sax (achieved Natal colours), Jenny plays Flute and Piano. My lack of decipline and ability to avoid practise probably stunted my true ability. I got a late start learning Bass guitar in Std 6 and Guitar at the end of Std 7 trying to lead worship at SCA. Through guitar I discovered the joy of Song writing. And while I love playing my instruments Singing and Song writing are my passion.

Speaking of passions Children have probably surpassed Music as my passion. Sunday school is a highlight of my week and leading children in singing (and hopefully Worship) combines 3 of my top passions all in 1 act. Writing songs about children & for people specifically whether profound or absolute nonsense is a gift I have stumbled upon and probably inherited from my Munro grandparents. Gran loved to write Fun songs Grandad well entertained us with nonsense songs like never let your braces dangle & hi ro gerum every Christmas evening

Psalm 16 says: LORD, YOU have assigned me my portion and my cup; YOU have made my lot secure. The boundary lines have fallen for me in pleasant places; surely I have a delightful heritage. I will praise the Lord!


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